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Farm animal sounds….

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Hey, have you ever had a sibling try to make animal sounds? And their cow is really good actually? Well that is what my brother is doing now, it is really good actually…. Pretty impressive. Anyway today isn’t about my brother and his animal sounds… It is about Selena Gomez. I don’t know how but some how I ended up googling her, and she is really cool! I always new, but her attitude is really good. He fashion style is really cool too. And another cool thing is that not only is she an actress, she just made a CD, called Kiss and Tell. I can’t wait to buy it! Her voice is really good! I don’t know if it is out yet… Oh well I will find out. So anyway, oday I wrote my exam timetable out and made it all pretty, to bad it is going to be destroyed though. Se I have this motivational thing, once I finish and exam, I will take my permanent marker and scratch the exam out. But I am faced with a dilemma… my exam timetable is so pretty, I don’t want to scratch them out. So I might just cover it with a piece of paper. My brother doesn’t understand, I told him it is a girl thing, which it is. I can’t believe it is almost exams!!!!! Aaaaah!!!!!!!!! Anyway, today I gave advice to my friends (who will remain anonymous, for reason I cannot say, because if I did I would have to kill you.. Jokes) about siblings. I felt really important… hehe. So today I did nothing really except work, work, work, oh and did I mention work? I don’t understand teachers. They give us so much homework a WEEK before the exams! The one teacher even started NEW work with us. I barely understand it, but it is like the third last exam so I have time to understand, but I am getting the hang of it. My friends keep complaining about all the work, but I keep smiling like I am not stressed at all. But who am I kidding! I am stressed! I feel like the work is multiply by the hour minute second! It is so stressful! But hey, at least I still have my Cd’s. Other wise I would have freaked by now. Music calms me down a lot. And my brother to make me laugh. I always seem to calm down at home.. anyway who wants to listen to me rambling on? You probably have something better to do, like I don’t know. Walk the dog? So I suppose I should love and leave you…