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Ubutyebi Be-Ibhayi

On the 24 June I, the Apprentice Longhair, accompanied Mr MyPE to the Ubutyebi Be-Ibhayi Treasures of Nelson Mandela Bay opening at the Red Location museum. My job was to carry Mr MyPE’s camera bag and act as his ’scribe’. My payment for this extremely important task of ’scribe’ and chief bag carrier is made in Astro’s. That wasn’t necessary for this opening, though. I found the Red Location Museum amazing, particularly the Vuyisili Mini Memory box. I immediately added the Red Location Museum to my to do list for when my Aunt comes to PE in the last week of the June/July school holidays.

Red Location Museum Saint Georges Park ConservatoryAnother specific memory box that I liked was a ‘model’ of what a Red Location shack looked like inside, bed and all. But these two memory boxes were not what we were there for. We were there for the opening of a new memory box, containing pictures of old buildings, our heritage. Before we saw the memory box there was a speech done by Rory Riordan. During this speech Mr MyPE and I were standing in front of a table filled with food. I, being very hungry couldn’t wait to start eating. I did listen to the speech, though, and found it very interesting.

Soon the speech was over and we were allowed to start eating, but first we went to see the new memory box. Finding that it was slightly overcrowded, Mr MyPE and I went back to get something to eat. I only eat chicken, fish and of course veggies was very happy to see that there were chicken drumsticks, which were simply delicious. I also enjoyed the fish cakes, even though I don’t really like fish. But the best out of all of the was the Kiwi fruit. I had never tried it before and I admit it did not look very appetizing. If I had a chance I would have finished all of the kiwi fruit, but alas the chance did not arise. The Paw-paw was very good too, also being one of my new and amazing discoveries. Of course I cannot leave out the yummy strawberries, which I had tasted before.

So all in all the opening of the new Ubutyebi Be-Ibhayi memory box was very enjoyable, especially the food.