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Where does all the fur come from?

In our lovely little neighbourhood my mom found a bunch of animal fur lying on the grass in front of our house. We immediately jumped to the conclusion that the fur belonged to our cat, Penny. But where was the cat’s body? We looked in our garden, under the car. We couldn’t find it, so we went back inside and found Penny lying on the carpet. We just got attacked when we tried to stroke her, so it wasn’t Penny. Then we thought it was the little dogs. we drove to the shops and saw more fur. It could be the Husky that lives close to us shedding, but there was to much fur. So we don’t know where the fur comes from…. It is a mystery.

So today we went to visit the dog we rescued today. Her name is Amber, yes I named her. She is so cute! I love her so much. I wish we could adopt her(dad if you are reading this… Please can we adopt her?). When we left animal welfare she started whining for us. She is so cute. She seems happy there though. So we might just sponsor her. But when we left we went to the shops, and we parked near the entrance, only people who have permission are really allowed to park there(we do). Then this old lady comes out moaning about how people are to lazy to walk to the shops and they have to park right on top of the shop. This kind of got me annoyed. Stupid thing to get annoyed about, but A. she doesn’t know what she is talking about, B. It could be the queens car, and she would still moan, and C. I bet you if she had the chance, she would park there too!. And D. She was with an old man, who lives in our street, who’s dog my mom takes out of the road many times.

We also went to my grand parents, where I got a free CD player. I was going to go and buy one with my birthday money, but it seems I don’t have too. So I got home and put all my CD’s in my mini CD rack, which I got from the study. Then I decided I should clean my room, which I did. It was quite tiring, but I still have my magazines to remove form under my bed. Which I am leaving for another day… I suppose I should go. I am starving! Time for lunch! :)