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I have such a good idea.. :)

Right, now how many Jonas fans are their in our beautiful country, South Africa? A lot! Why don’t their South African fans have a chance to experience them live in concert? Like all their other fans? Well I don’t know actually, but I think they should…. Yes, I am a Jonas fan. I recently became one, again… So I am on a mission to get them here to perform in South Africa. Not for a charity concert(honestly some people think we really DO have lions walking in our un-paved streets. Well people who think that, we don’t, and sorry if I offended you, but we don’t). So I came up with this brilliant idea! I am going to make a web site (with the help of my dad… Oh, yeah, dad will you help me with the website? Seriously?) dedicated to getting the Jonas brothers in South Africa.. Good idea? Yes? Right, then to promote the website I will put it’s URL everywhere, I can… Because, I don’t want to die, and never have been able to see one of my favourite bands in concert. So once lots of people have signed, my dears. I am printing that and sending it with a letter, to their agent, or who ever I have to send it too. I don’t even mind if I have to wait a year for it.. It is happening, in my life time. :)