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Back to jail…

I found that today I could blog again. Even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to, I was! Well done, myself. So it is my last day of holiday today, yes it is depressing. So I thought I should do something spectacular! Which didn’t happen. I ended up doing nothing, just watching Jeff Dunham and trying to find out what my presents are. Yes, it is my birthday soon, in exactly four days, excluding my birthday. I am so excited, even though all I want is my own horse..

One good thing about the holidays being over is that now every monday I have horse riding, the highlight of my week. Though tomororow we have a xhosa oral to do and I have not learn’t for it, because I forgot my books in my locker, at school. Yes I am very forgetful. I will try to get more pictures on soon.

I am sitting alone at home right now, waiting for my brain to thing of something to do. I am home alone as my parents and older brother went to go and visit my grandparents, I didn’t go, because I wanted to organise my magazines, it doesn’t seem like it is happening. So I decided to read some blogs and up date mine. I came across a blog called It is very nice. Alex is a model, photographer and designer, with his own line, called Soimpolite. I wish I could get some of his clothes though. So I recommend you go and see it.

listening to: Born for this, by Paramore