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Two exams down! I don’t know how many left…

I am going to get right to it today. So today I wrote my Xhosa and CAT (computer) exams today. CAT was good, I guess. Xhosa was so easy! Oh my soul! We had an hour and a half to finish it, I finished in about half an hour. The whole class finished quickly, so we all sat there, some sleeping, some doodling. I doodle, and slept, and doodle some more. So afterwards we had carol practice. To all the people in Port Elizabeth go and buy a ticket (the collegiate carols). Then it was time to go home :) I studied for English. Which I know. Then I had the rest of the afternoon off. So I listened to Justin Bieber for a while, while I still had my phone. Got ready for riding and sat around. I decided to go and fool around on the computer. So I went on my twitteraccount and well, tweeted. I went on facebook as well, and after many weeks, updated my status… So I was pretty bored, then finally while listening to my Demi Lovato CD, my dad was ready to leave. So we got to riding, and guess what we did? Riding! Surprise! Surprise! It felt like my legs were going to snap, because of the exercise we did. Though it was fun. I rode my favourite pony, Boomerang. Afterwards I un-tacked him, and put him in his stall. I came home and here I am sitting, wishing I could listen to Justin Bieber. he is so good it isn’t even funny! I can’t wait for his Cd to come out. If you want to hear him, go to youtube and type in Justin Bieber, and look for him singing. My favourite song of his is, Love me. So I need to go and relax in a bath. My legs are very stiff..


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber