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The mysteries of life…

I love this photo! It is soo pretty

I love this photo! It is soo pretty

Well it has been one hectic weekend! After weeks of waiting my aunt came down to our lovely city, Port Elizabeth! She comes from the rainy city Cape Town (with their fake mountain). It was a lovely weekend, well except for the fact that my dear, darling grandfather was admitted to hospital. I don’t think it is hectic, he is just been re-hydrated. Well that is all I know. He could be worse than I think, but I am sure he isn’t. So my weekend involved regular visit to the hospital(which by the way, I saw this person, who I don’t know, there the whole time I was there, and then later on on Sunday at the airport). At least I scored a hot chocolate out of it. Not only did wee visit my grand dad, we also talked about his condition. I said I didn’t know if I should be worried or not, well I don’t. But he looks better today than yesterday.

Anyway, I visited a different blog today. It is very interesting, especially for people interested in fashion. Which I now have got brilliant ideas for. These ideas include using some of my mos old clothes. Which I love. So visit It is really good! I have gotten in to vintage now, I think it has a really cool vibe!

I just finished supper which included my favourite little chicken wings. I had most of them will my parents had about five shared among them, and my brother had two, I think. Anyway now here I am thinking of outfit ideas and reading Tavi’s blog… I suppose I should love and leave you..