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blah blah blah…. sorted out my notes…

This looks so cool!

This looks so cool!

Blah blah blah… Hi. Blah blah blah, you are probably wondering why I am saying, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah, you see it started with my friends and I pretending to have a conversation, so we would go blah blah blah pickles… Then we ended up saying blah blah l;ah at the beginning of every sentence. We found this very funny. You see people would pass us, and we would-be going blah blah blah, the answer is two. And they would say what, and we would go blah blah blah, what? And look confused at their question. Then carry on with our conversation. A couple of times people would ask as why we were saying, blah blah blah and our reply would be- blah blah blah you must be hearing things, we aren’t saying blah blah blah. The person would look very confused at this point. Then I would say blah blah blah Gee. My friend would agree- blah blah blah I know. This may not seem very funny and just confusing, but I still find it very funny. So later on during school my friend made a thing that would tell you what action to do. I did it and it said I had to propose to boit (which is my nickname), so I proposed to myself, it was very funny. Anyway, I was exhausted when I came home so I walked around and waited for my brother to finish printing his old exam papers to practice on. So I sat on the laptop for a while and looked through our old photos, I had long hair then. Now my hair has been cut short. Oh, I forgot to mention that this morning I had a bad hair day…. Oh yeah, and I sorted out my notes today for exams….So I should go…. blah blah blah..