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A few days after my birthday….

Well it has been, I dont know how many days since I had my birthday, but I feel so old! My brother went to his matri dinner the other night, and I felt even older! Soon I am going to get wrinkles! Aaaaaah! Anyway… my birthday was awesome! Though some people did kind of make it suck… not mentioning any names. In the morning I was treated to french toast and opening my presents. Which included a hair straightener, skittles(my favourite), a massive slab of chocolate(from my brother), a paramore CD, speckled eggs and a cereal bowl.  can’t remember any thing else. So later on I had to go to school, where I got a mini slab of chocolate, a necklace and some bath stuff from my friends. One of my friends forgot my birthday, but I forgave her. Then I had sweet chili twister for lunch, cake for tea, and pizza for supper. Yum! So it was good! I miss having birthdays now, but at least I can look forward to Christmas! I have actually recently started becoming semi obsessed with the Jonas brothers… again. And I think that they must come and perform in South Africa, mainly PE. But people in America and over sea’s think that we have lions in our streets. As if! I suppose I should go… My lion just attacked me… not. :)

“Two more days of what I call freedom….”

School holidays are almost over. It is today and tommorow and then school. I don’t mind school, it is just that I prefer holidays. I can do what I want, when I want. I don’t have to wear a uncomfortable uniform and there are barely any rules. I haven’t really been busy, except for being at my friends twenty four seven… Though on the bright side it is almost my birthday. (The 9 October). Unfortunatly it is on a school day, even though it is on a friday, it is still a school day. What I really want is a horse. I know exactly which horse I want, even if I can lease him…

Well wish me luck for my first day of school. I probaly will post on Monday..

p.s. The picture is from photobucket.