I might not be going blonde…

Bonjour! So I haven’t written in a while, well I didn’t know what to write about. Though I still don’t know I am pretty much bored out of my head!!! I decided to write something. So first of all Thank you to Teen Zone, who put an advert about my Jonas brothers petition, and thank you to the people who actually signed! Thank you! Anyway, I was just wondering how many of those people who sign the petition actually READ something from my blog. An interesting question, no? Anyway… so I might not dye my hair blond this holiday, but I am putting blue and purple. It was my hairdresser’s idea.. he loves to experiment with my hair, I think.  So tonight my friends and I wanted to go ad see New Moon tonight, but I am putting up our Christmas tree tonight. It is a family tradition. We argued about this for a while… It went a bit like: New moon! It might come off soon, blah blah blah onions. Then I would say: But it is a Christmas tradition to put up the tree together! I went on like this for a while. Anyway we agreed to see it on Thursday. Better than nothing. :) Anyway, I am running out of words, so I suppose I should leave you, with a very short blog :(


Merry Christmas!(A little early, I know)

Merry Christmas!(A little early, I know)

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