Web Site Hosting, Port Elizabeth

PE Small Business Web Site Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation and Maintenance
We are based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and offer local business a personalised service.

Web Hosting

Email Hosting

Only R25 per month

Domain of your choice for R50.00
75Mb hosting + 1GB monthly bandwidth 25 email addresses.

Web Hosting + Design

Basic Hosting

Only R2500 first year

Domain of your choice for R50.00 + Web Design and SEO.
75Mb hosting + 1GB monthly bandwidth (Plus See Below)*

Web Hosting:

Our Web Hosting and support services are geared towards the smaller, hands on business owner who is more comfortable in picking up the phone and getting advice and straight answers.

We have identified a website hosting and design need for the Port Elizabeth business owner that is:

* Personal

* Cost Effective

* Includes mentoring and ongoing advice

* Offers a full web hosting starter package explaining the 'intricacies' of web marketing and search engine optimisation.

* That, allows for a cost effective entry into the internet without 'breaking the bank' and 'scaring' the owner off from developing his site further when appropriate.

Linux Logo* Linux Web Hosting and Design:

For R2 500.00 for the entire YEAR we will:

* Secure your domain name in the name of your business (R50.00 value)
* Secure your hosting and pay for a year, (R300.00 value)
* Design and upload a static HTML web site for you, (R3 000.00 value)
* Set up the web server, (R250.00 value)
* Give you up to 25 e-mail addresses,
* Search Engine Optimise your site, (R800.00 value)
* Submit your site to the major search engines, (R200.00 value)
* Make minor changes as needed AND (R500.00 value)
* Show you how to monitor your sites performance. (R250.00 value)

TOTAL Value of: R5 250.00

You ONLY pay R2 500.00

You provide the logo's, mission statement and contact information and we do the rest.


Getting Your Business onto the Internet 101

We have all heard people say; "When you get your business onto the Internet, the world will beat a path to your door!" Well there is a word that describes that 'statement' and the word begins with a C and ends with a P and is only four letters long. With thousands of businesses and products and millions of pages being added to the internet on a daily basis you need to make sure that your site is targeted towards the people looking for your services. Over time your needs will change, the business starting out and 'dipping their toes' into web hosting, design and marketing has different needs to the business that has spent a lot of time making their presence known. We do not profess to know everything and would be remiss if we stated so, as we are learning something new every day, but, there are certain known requirements that you need to get started:

As a Port Elizabeth Business you need:

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python* Space on a Server.
* A Domain Name - .co.za (or .com from the World's Largest Registrar - GoDaddy.com )
* Web Site Design.
* Decent Web Site Search Engine Optimisation.
* Web Site Uploaded to your Server.
* Someone to Set Up your email addresses.
* Good Advice on promotion of your site
* A 'voice' that you can talk to.
* Someone to make minor changes to your web site.
* An understandable method to monitor your web site's performance.
* Decent Pricing.

Check your desired .co.za domain here:

We have spent many years promoting our own and client's web sites as well as advising fellow web and graphic designers on how to optimise their own web sites. The path to good organic search engine rankings via good Search Engine Optimisation is a long, slow, steady one. The goal is good organic rankings as they do not have to be paid for. Instant fame normally means that the web site has gained the high search engine rankings as a result of some sort of subterfuge. Make no mistake, the package that we offer is one that will get you onto the internet and give you a firm and wide base from which to grow from. Our mantra is around the content and offering you a leg up. That way we wish to secure you as a long term client and not 'move on' and 'forget' about your needs. We field many related questions from clients with pleasure and at no charge. The questions normally start with; "I can't see my mail!" and end with the affirmation that anything the client does on their side (like unplugging the ADSL line)  will not affect the web site hosting or delivery of mail. :-)

Our most well known Port Elizabeth based web site is www.MyPE.co.za. Our goal at launch was to make sure that MyPE was listed on the first page of the Google Search Engine for the search term 'Port Elizabeth'. This took us 14 months to achieve. Have a look at our other web site's hosted and designed, on this page.

How do you get Web Hosting and Design?

Port Elizabeth has always worked on personal relationships, a handshake, being able to talk to someone, look them in the eye and then decide whether to do business with them or not. Besides that, one also learns a lot and gets a lot of advice for free when doing business in such a manner.

Just pick up the phone and phone Alan on 041 374 5855 (By the way, my telephone manner sucks, so, fair warning!)

Or mail me at support[at]straton.org.za